today is Jun 08, 2023

Continuing a commitment to immersion and fan experience, the team at Dinner with Racers are proud to reveal the next step in their digital empire with the launch of: Jeff Westphal: My Virtual Valentine.

Designed for fans without Valentine’s Day plans, which likely stands for a large percentage of their fanbase, the 180-degree virtual reality experience promises unheralded immersion with one of the sport’s most engaging drivers, sportscar ace and David Beckham doppelganger Jeff Westphal.

With keen attention to immersion, fan engagement, as well as viewing experience, the virtual adventure follows Westphal through the highs, lows, and countless nuances of a night out with the IMSA winner.

“This experience puts our fans right in to the adventure with Jeff,” said series co-host and co-creator Ryan Eversley. “For our fans without plans tonight, we wanted to offer an unprecedented level of immersion on a day like this, and we went to great detail to make sure it was as engaging as possible. Fans will now really know what it’s like to sit down with him, and we hope they’re prepared for the whirlwind adventure that this experience provides. It’s a lot to take in, but we wanted to be as meticulous and detailed as possible to really put fans in with Jeff during a romantic night out.”

“I’m really excited to take the fans out for an evening,” added Westphal. “When it comes to truly knowing what it’s like to spend a night out with me, the whole team was very committed to getting it right. I think fans will get a kick out of just how immersed they are in the project, it’s a great way to spend an evening.”

This 180-degree virtual reality piece is available exclusively via YouTube’s YouTubeVR platform, which works not only via the YouTube app, but also in conjunction with a number of compatible virtual reality headsets. Fans can enjoy the experience directly through YouTube via its phone or tablet, phone VR devices such as Google Cardboard or equivalent, as well as through the YouTubeVR app available on Playstation VR, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, and Lenovo Mirage.

A 2D navigational web version is also available via YouTube.

Fans can find the video at, or by searching out Dinner with Racers via the YouTubeVR app.

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