today is Jun 08, 2023

Gavin Baker/Motorsport Images

Second-generation racer Jesse Little keeps busy both on and off the track, and he digs into both sides on this edition of with The Racing Writer’s Podcast. Little discusses:

• Driving for Tyler Young this year

• How Young’s team has changed Little’s preparation

• Why he immediately felt chemistry with the team

• Splitting the truck with Kaz Grala, and being productive when he’s not driving

• Having to be a hustler and go after what you want

• Knowing what’s a good deal and what’s a bad deal

• Dealing with doubts about whether making it in NASCAR is going to happen for him

• How it feels to look at his former NASCAR Next classmates who have full-time rides

• Being grateful to still be in the business after 10 years

• What variables Little believes a driver needs to succeed, and what he thinks he offers

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