today is Feb 06, 2023

Nigel Kinrade/NKP/Motorsport Images

Whether you view Atlanta Motor Speedway as an intermediate or superspeedway, it was brand new either way to Sage Karam.

He joins The Racing Writer’s Podcast to discuss his continued transition into NASCAR:

How much he’s looking forward to having practice this season The number of Xfinity Series races he anticipates running this year and hopes for a full-time ride Looking at returning to Pocono Raceway for the first time since Justin Wilson’s fatal accident If that day has gotten easier to deal with over time What Karam thinks Pocono will be like in NASCAR versus IndyCar Relying on YouTube to prepare for races How the continued NASCAR culture learning is going Getting more respect from the garage If anything from IndyCar has helped in NASCAR If races feel different in NASCAR What resources Karam uses to get better being while based in PA If it’s been frustrating not having a full-time ride somewhere What it is about stock cars that have hooked him

Listen to the full interview with Karam below or click here:

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