today is Mar 24, 2023

CrowdStrike/AWS driver and engineer Kevin Boehm and the Skip Barber Racing School have announced a new team partnership for the 2022 TC America season aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of both parties.

Skip Barber Racing School offers training for aspiring race car drivers and has graduates at the professional level of every major racing series. The school will support Boehm — the 2020 TCA champion and 2021 TC championship runner-up — on and off the track by taking over mechanical support for the No. 9 CrowdStrike/AWS Honda Civic Type R and managing logistics for the race car.

In addition to driving, Boehm will be the lead engineer for the Skip Barber Racing School’s TC America racing program. With more than 10 years of experience engineering and driving his own race cars, Boehm will manage the entire Skip Barber Race Team TC America fleet.

The combination highlights the amateur-to-pro race car driver ladder system supported by SRO’s TC America series and the Skip Barber Racing School, with Boehm being a real-world example of the program’s success.

Both sides will collaborate on identifying opportunities and ideas to set the entire team up for success this season, including optimizing the race cars through engineering and the drivers through data analysis and coaching. The partnership will prepare the combined CrowdStrike/AWS and Skip Barber team to contend for both the driver and team championships in TC and TCA.

In addition to the racing program, Boehm will continue to support CrowdStrike/AWS CXO Summits, introducing their guests and VIPs to a behind-the-scenes look at sports car racing.

CrowdStrike and Skip Barber Racing School will explore opportunities throughout the season to engage CrowdStrike guests through hot lap and arrive-and-drive opportunities. Working closely together, all parties will provide exciting, engaging experiences for CXO guests and VIPs.

“I am thrilled to partner with Skip Barber this season,” Boehm said. “The Skip Barber Race team and I finished first and second in the 2021 drivers’ championship, so I have high hopes that our unified efforts will make us hard to beat this season. In addition to driving, I am expanding my engineering efforts from my car to more than six cars and two classes per event — the goal is to leverage my decade of racing and engineering experience to help set the entire program up for success and compete for multiple championships. Lastly, this year’s program will bring an enhanced experience for our CrowdStrike’s CXO Summit guests and VIPs, allowing them to get up close and personal with our race team — showing them how technology and teamwork is a winning combination on and off the track.”

“We are excited to have Kevin join our team both as a driver and team engineer. Having taken the 2021 TC Drivers’ Championship, we are in the perfect position to help Kevin win his second championship,” said Joe Monitto, Chief Revenue Officer of Skip Barber. “Kevin is going to be an integral part of our team, helping his teammates both in TC and TCA reach their goals for the season and hopefully bring home championships in both classes. We look forward to expanding the success of CrowdStrike’s CXO Summits with various unique Skip Barber offerings alongside Kevin throughout the season.”

“CrowdStrike is proud of its continued support of Kevin, and excited to participate in this new chapter of his sports car racing career. Kevin has added significantly to the experiences our guests have enjoyed while contributing to CrowdStrike’s brand awareness within the motorsports community,” said Robert Page, Racing Program Manager for CrowdStrike Racing and AWS. “Skip Barber is building a world-class program introducing the competitive world of motorsports to new audiences, and we are thrilled to explore new methods of engagement for our CXO guests and employees, through this partnership. We look forward to this partnership, keeping Kevin at the front of the field competing for his second championship.”

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